Speakout extra, Advanced, Grammar, With key, 2015

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Speakout extra, Advanced, Grammar, With key, 2015.

Фрагмент из книги.
The digital age is one of instant gratifi cation. The situation may be familiar to you: you’re having co ee or dinner with some friends when somebody asks a general knowledge question. Nobody knows the answer but at least one person gets their smartphone out ready to fi nd it. Where do we go for that info? Chances are it will be a random Google search or a check on Wikipedia. Triumphantly, they provide you with the answer. It’s information which you don’t argue with and then instantly forget – it’s ephemeral.

Speakout extra, Advanced, Grammar, With key, 2015

The continuous aspect.
Match uses a)–h) with sentences 1–8 in Exercise 1.
a) to sound less direct
b) for indefi nite plans
c) to emphasise annoyance
d) to talk about things that are changing
e) to emphasise the length of time
f) to describe a longer interrupted event
g) a sense or state verb
h) to talk about a temporary situatio.

Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.
1 He’s o en insensitive. (inclined)
2 She tries again and again. (keep)
3 I got a new dictionary every year. (would)
4 They entered lots of competitions. (forever)
5 I usually have to stand on the bus. (nine times out of ten)
6 I can be obsessive. (tendency)
7 As a teenager he was o en rebellious. (tended)
8 Why do they watch so many fi lms? (always).

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