New inspiration 3, Vocabulary Quizzes, Aytmuratova G., 2017

New inspiration 3, Vocabulary Quizzes, Aytmuratova G., 2017.

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achievement(n) a. an illegal activity or action that can be punished by law
action(n) b. the natural world in which people and animals live
although(conj) c. thick cotton cloth that is usually blue and is used to make jeans.

New inspiration 3, Vocabulary Quizzes, Aytmuratova G., 2017

Match the words with their definitions.
amazingly(adv) d. unable to use a part of body completely or easily because of physical condition, illness or injury
ambition(n) e. to stop competing or arguing and accept that you cannot win
arrest(n) f. something that you very much want to do or achieve
astronaut(n) g. a thing that smb has done successfully or has achieved
attack(v) h. fashionable, good
autobiography(n) i. process of doing something; a thing that smb does
bite(v) j. though, even though, in spite of
carriage(n) k. very surprising and impressive, usually make you feel pleasure
championship(n) l. to take to the police station and keep because police thinks you are guilty of a crime
cheer(adj) m. used when a problem happens and causes the failure of relationship or business.

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