Next Move 3, Students Book, Wildman J., Stannett K.

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Next Move 3, Students Book, Wildman J., Stannett K.

   Check in for this unique seven-level cultural journey that gives pupils the opportunity to explore the English language in a content-rich environment. With videos and animated phonics to complement the dynamic Pupil's Books, Macmillan Next Move will keep both teachers and pupils interested and on the go!

Next Move 3, Students Book, Wildman J., Stannett K.

Robin Hood.
Robin was a rich man from the north of England. He was very good at archery and went to the Middle East to fight with King Richard I. When he came home, the Sheriff of Nottingham took his lands, so he lived in Sherwood Forest with a group of friends - Little John, Will Scarlett and others. They stole money from the rich and gave it to the poor.

We don’t know There are a lot of old papers about the thieves at the end of the twelfth century, when Richard I was king. But no one has found papers about a Robin Hood in Nottingham.

Starter Unit.
Home Sweet Home.
What’s The Story?.
It’s A Bargain!.
In The News.
Happy Holidays.
That’s Life!.
Make A Difference.
Danger And Risk.
Brain Trainers.
Listening Bank.

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