Oxford Word Skills, Upper-Intermediate-Advanced Vocabulary, Gairns R., Redman S., 2020

Oxford Word Skills, Upper-Intermediate-Advanced Vocabulary, Gairns R., Redman S., 2020.
   Oxford Word Skills is a series of three books for students to learn and practise new vocabulary.
Each level contains 100 units of vocabulary presentation and practice, with a unit being 1-2 pages, depending on the size of the topic. New vocabulary is presented in manageable chunks, then immediately followed up with practice exercises, usually on the same page.
The units are grouped within modules containing 3-10 units. A majority of the modules are topic-based, e.g.
People, Food and drink, Study and work, but some modules have a language focus, e.g. Prepositions, Adjectives and adverbs, Verbs.

Oxford Word Skills, Upper-Intermediate-Advanced Vocabulary, Gairns R., Redman S., 2020

Meaning and style.
Asking about meaning
A Would it be accurate to say that student and pupil are synonymous?
В No, not exactly. A student is a person who studies in a school, college or university. Pupil has a more restricted use. A pupil is someone who only studies in a school, especially a primary school.
A ft's a bit ambiguous to say she's a good student, isn't it?
В Yes, you can interpret it in different ways. Good can mean 'well-behaved' or 'hard-working',
A The meaning of wrapping paper is fairly obvious, isn't it?
В Yes, it's self-explanatory: just paper for wrapping presents and stuff.
A Can you give me a precise definition of soul?
В Well, it's virtually the same as spirit, the part of you that is believed to exist after you die. But spirit has several other meanings too.

Is the meaning the same or different? Write S or D.
1 The meaning is virtually the same. / The meaning is exactly the same.
2 They are both students in my school. / They are both pupils in my school.
3 The meaning is quite precise. / The meaning is quite restricted.
4 The sentence is ambiguous. / The sentence can be interpreted in two ways.
5 I don't know the exact meaning. / l don't know the precise meaning.
б Tom is fairly inaccurate. / Tom makes very few mistakes.
7 His soul will live on. I His spirit will live on.
8 What she said was fairly ambiguous. / What she said was fairly accurate.

01 Meaning and style.
02 Familiar words, new meanings.
03 Word families.
04 Collocation.
05 Compounds.
06 Using a dictionary.
07 Describing appearance.
08 Body language.
09 Physical actions.
10. Physical movement.
11. Sight.
12. Sounds and hearing.
13. Touch.
14. Illness.
15. Injuries.
16. Character.
17. Assessing character.
18. Feelings.
19. Relationships.
20. Heroes and villains.
21. Behaviour.
22. Families.
23. Manners.
24. Food.
25. Opinions about food.
26. Cars and driving.
27. Accidents.
28. Weather.
29. Clothes.
30. At home.
31. Sleep.
32. Personal finance.
33. Crime.
34. Urban living.
35. Rural life.
36. Holidays.
37. Holiday accommodation.
38. Buying and renting.
39. Gardens and gardening.
40. Personal technology.
41. Competitive football.
42. Music.
43. Plays and films.
44. Socializing.
45. Describing change.
46. Energy conservation.
47. Wildlife under threat.
48. Medical advances.
49. Migration.
50. Politics: ideology.
51. Local government.
52. Health care services.
53. The police.
54. Prisons.
55. The armed forces.
56. News headlines.
57. Writing for a newspaper.
58. Politics in practice.
59. Protest movements.
60. Disasters.
61. Investigations.
62. Celebrity.
63. Human interest stories.
64. Jobs.
65. Careers.
66. Ways of working.
67. The workplace.
68. Time management.
69. The business world.
70. A successful business.
71. Success and failure.
72. Problems and solutions.
73. Old and new.
74. Time.
75. Link words and phrases.
76. Academic English.
77. Literature.
78. Art.
79. Scientific English.
80. Technical English.
81. Everyday language.
82. Phrasal verbs-.
83. Idioms (1).
84. Idioms (2).
85. Two-part expressions.
86. Similes.
87. Connecting speech.
88. Sayings.
89. Vague language.
90. The passive.
91. Prefixes.
92. Suffixes that form nouns.
93. Suffixes that form adjectives and verbs.
94. Verbs and nouns with the same form.
95. Verbs with prepositions.
96. Nouns with prepositions.
97. Adjectives with prepositions.
98. Prepositional phrases.
99. Adjectives.
100. Adverbs.
Answer key.
Word list.

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