English, Pupil’s Book, 11 sinf, Rashidova F., 2018

English, Pupil’s Book, 11 sinf, Rashidova F., 2018.

Учебник по английскому языку для 11 класса на узбекском языке.

   This course book has been created according to the CEFR for the B1 level for the 11th grade students of secondary schools. It consists of a Pupil’s Book and a Teacher’s Book (+DVD). The Pupil’s Book includes all four skills - listening, speaking, reading, writing, integrated grammar and vocabulary. The activities are designed focusing on interactive and learner-centred methodology. Communicative language teaching is the main character of the course book.
It is important to note that the exercises and activities are just guideline for EFL class. Every EFL teacher is considered to change the activities taking into consideration their learners.

English, Pupil’s Book, 11 sinf, Rashidova F., 2018

The Story of the Aral Sea.
In 2009 a group of fishermen met on a Sunday afternoon. They were on the beach of the North Aral Sea. They ate food. They did some sports. Afterwards, they told stories and sang songs about the Aral Sea and fishing. It was a good party.

The fishermen were happy because there were fish in the water. For many years, there weren’t many fish. At one time, the Aral Sea in Central Asia was the fourth largest lake in the world. It had an area of 67,300 square kilometres. Two of the biggest rivers in Central Asia, the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya, went into the Aral Sea. But the water almost disappeared.

1 Study skills achievement.
2 Save the Earth.
3 Keeping Fit.
4 Tourism, travel.
5 Market economy.
6 Service.
7 Literature.
8 Plagiarism.
9 Self-evaluation.
10 My student life - my golden period.

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