Kernel One, O’Neill R., 1978

Kernel One, O’Neill R., 1978.

   Kernel One is organised around a number of characters and a story line. This story line develops gradually, and at first revolves only around the main themes of the book (eg travel, finding a place to live, getting a job etc). But towards the end it becomes an exciting kidnap plot involving all the characters in the book.
Kernel One has a careful structural progression with specific communicative aims. The language presented is relevant for such operations as introducing yourself, asking where other people live and work, expressing requests, making suggestions, giving simple instructions and much more. However, the language is presented progressively, so that learners gradually acquire both insight into the structure of the language, and creative, independent control of what they want to say.
The book has eighteen mam units and one final summing-up unit In addition, there are at the end of the book five special two-page units designed to give extra practice in reading and writing.

Kernel One, O’Neill R., 1978

On the train.
Look at this man and this woman.
His name is Terry Carter and her name is Laura
They are in Liverpool.
Look at the time. too.
It is six thirty.

This is Lime Street Station.
It is a big station in Liverpool.
Look at platform seven. That is the train to
London. The train to London is at platform seven.

Unit 1 Hello.
Unit 2 On the plane.
Unit 3 On the train.
Unit 4 In London.
Unit 5 The airport.
Unit 6 A room for the night.
Unit 7 A job in Camden Town.
Unit 8 Monday morning.
Unit 9 Watching Janet.
Unit 10 The burglar.
Unit 11 Friday evening.
Unit 12 Saturday morning.
Unit 13 Frank's last day in prison.
Unit 14 Laura's old job.
Unit 15 A job for Frank?.
Unit 16 The kidnapping.
Unit 17 The telephone call.
Unit 18 A million dollars!.

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