Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, BBC Interviews extra, Worksheets, 2015

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Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, BBC Interviews extra, Worksheets, 2015.

Фрагмент из книги.
Match the six words in italics in Exercise 6 to defi nitions 1–6 below. Watch the video again and
practise saying the words aloud.
1 say what you think and tell the truth
2 care about other people and treat them well
3 be honest and mean what you say
4 feel relaxed and not worried
5 relaxed and easy to get on with, not o en angry
6 have a lot of new ideas, use your imagination.

Speakout, Pre-Intermediate, BBC Interviews extra, Worksheets, 2015

What do they do? Where do they work? Look at the people opposite and read their answers. Then watch
the video from 0:28–2:03. Write A–D next to two answers for each person.
1 teaches singing
2 mostly works in Berlin
3 works from home in London
4 works for a so ware company called B-line
5 works from home and in schools
6 makes fi lms
7 works in the City of London
8 has his own company in Germany.

Write your answers to Hina’s questions.
1 What do you do?
2 Where do you work?
3 What are the best things about your job?
4 And the worst things?

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