Understanding English Grammar, Kolln M., Gray L., Salvatore J., 2016

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Understanding English Grammar, Kolln M., Gray L., Salvatore J., 2016.

The subject of English grammar differs markedly from every other subject in the curriculum—far different from history or math or biology or technical drawing. What makes it different? If you have grown up speaking English, you do. In fact, you’re already an expert. You bring to the study of grammar a lifetime of “knowing” it—a lifetime of producing grammatical sentences.

Understanding English Grammar, Kolln M., Gray L., Salvatore J., 2016

English: A World language.
All over the world every day, there are people, young and old, doing what you’re doing now: studying English. Some are college students in China and Korea and Tunisia preparing for the proficiency test required for admission to graduate school in the United States. Some are businesspeople in Germany and Poland learning to communicate with their European Union colleagues. Others are adults here in the United States studying for the written test that leads to citizenship. And in the 60 or more countries where English is either the primary language or an official second language, great numbers of students are in elementary and secondary classrooms like those you inhabited during your K–12 years.

PART I.Introduction.
PART II.The Grammar of Basic Sentences.
PART III.Expanding the Sentence.
PART IV.Words and Word Classes.
PART V.Grammar for Writers.

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