First Trainer, Six Practice Tests with Answers, May P., 2015

First Trainer, Six Practice Tests with Answers, May P., 2015.

   First Trainer is the perfect exam preparation companion for the revised Cambridge English: First (FCE), also known as First Certificate in English. It combines exam practice with easy-to-follow expert guidance, and exam tips designed to guarantee exam success.

First Trainer, Six Practice Tests with Answers, May P., 2015

Correct these sentences written by First candidates.
1 To save one dollar a day I gave up to have a coffee in my break time.
2 That is all for now. Don't forget writing soon!
3 We stopped to place orders with your company because deliveries were too often delayed.
4 I'm very glad hearing from you, I really miss you.
5 I will carry on to use my bicycle whenever it is possible.
6 There is no point to open a store in a village when most of the population are working in town during the opening hours.
7 My best friend and I plan seeing a film at the cinema this evening.
8 She suggested to light a fire so we could burn the documents.
9 I regret telling you that we will be forced to put this matter in the hands of our solicitors.
10 I remembered to have seen the escalator on my left when I first went into my room at the hotel.

Some linking expressions are used at the beginning of a sentence, but some are not. Circle the correct words in italics.
1 In the city there are more places to go. Also / Too, they stay open later.
2 Working in a coal mine is a hard job. Furthermore / As well, it can be dangerous.
3 Travelling by train is more relaxing than driving. It is better for the environment, besides / too.
4 You have to find somewhere to play. As well / As well as that, you need to buy all the sports equipment.
5 In winter, the nights are much longer. Too / In addition, it is a lot colder then.
6 Making your own furniture is an enjoyable hobby. It saves money, as well / in addition.

Training and.
Exam practice.
Test 1.
Test 2.
Practice Tests.
Test 3.
Test 4.
Test 5.
Test 6.
Answer key and transcripts.
Answer sheets.
Speaking appendix.

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