Speakout, Elementary, Grammar extra, With key, 2015

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Speakout, Elementary, Grammar extra, With key, 2015.

Фрагмент из книги.
My name is James and I am from Bedford, in the UK. I live in Holland now – I’m a student at the University of Utrecht. I’m a science student. These are my friends Ali and Jess. They’re scientists too – they’re also at my University but they’re not from Britain. They’re French. We’re in the same year – the second year of University.

Speakout, Elementary, Grammar extra, With key, 2015

Making requests.
Write question or request next to the sentences below.
1 What’s your name?
2 Could you give me my bag?
3 Could you spell your name?
4 Do you speak English?
5 Where are you from?
6 How much is a return ticket?
7 Can I have a return ticket?
8 Which one is yours?

Write the conversation in the correct order.
Thank you.
Here you are. That’s eight euros fifty.
That’s six, seven, eight euros and fifty cents.
We’re from Berlin. Could we have the German guidebooks?
Yes, they are.
Yes, please. Could I have two of those guidebooks?

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