Английский язык, 5 класс, часть 1, 2017

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Английский язык, 5 класс, часть 1, 2017.

Unit 1. Lesson 1.
Ex. 2b.

1. What is "rule" in Russian/Belarusian?
2. Can I go out?
3. Sorry, I don't understand.
4. Excuse me! Can you help me, please?
5. Could you give me a pencil, please?
6. How do you spell it?
7. Sorry, I'm late. May I take a seat?
8. What is "правило" in English?

Английский язык, 5 класс, часть 1, 2017

Unit 1. Lesson 4.
Ex. 2a.

Last summer holidays Paul and Kevin travelled to the mountains with Paul's dad. Paul's dad was a botanist and studied mountain flowers. They stayed in a tent and every morning cooked breakfast on fire. Then they walked in the mountains for 2 or 3 hours. One day they visited a small village. People that lived there were very friendly and hospitable. The boys helped one old man in the garden and came back to their camp with a big basket of vegetables. In the afternoon the boys played football, watched the birds and helped Paul's dad take pictures of beautiful wildflowers. They bathed and washed hair in a cold mountain lake. They didn't have a TV or a computer, so after dinner they talked for a while and Paul's dad played the guitar. They had lots of fun!


Moving activities.
Photocopiable materials.
Grammar reference.
Irregular verbs.

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